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What if every big financial decision you made had the benefit of tax planning as well as financial experience? That’s what you get with Hosler Wealth Management. Our local team in Scottsdale and Prescott is here to help you make the best financial planning decisions possible…so you can achieve your goals.

Our complete approach helps ensure that your blind spots are minimized, your tax situation is optimized, and your financial future is more predictable. By getting all your financial advice from one source, you also save money, time, and headaches. Our financial advisors in Scottsdale and Prescott are at your service.

Our goal is for you to have confidence in your financial life, today and tomorrow.

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Our Promise to You

Our mission is to help you secure your future and avoid big financial mistakes. To do that, we promise to:

Work with you closely to understand your needs, clarify your goals and learn your preferences

Integrate tax planning with your financial planning and investment management, so we have the best opportunity to find tax savings for you

Be thorough in all we do so we can help you identify potholes and blind spots

Always take your overall financial situation into account before providing you with any guidance

Have frank, honest conversations with you, to help you avoid mistakes and achieve your goals

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Keeping Your Money Safe

At Hosler Wealth Management, we prioritize the security of your assets; that’s why we don’t hold or take possession of your money.

Instead, we partner with a large, established custodian that has the security and encryption technology to keep it safe. Their sole mission is to safeguard investor money and they do it for millions of investors.

You also get a very valuable check and balance from the independent custodian. They will send you a statement every month showing the actual value of your investments. This is significant protection from fraud.

You can learn more about the custodian we use here.

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Our mission is to help you secure your future and avoid big financial mistakes.

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