Hosler Wealth Management Financial Advisors

Meet our board of financial advisors, experts in investment, estate and tax planning strategies. Located in Prescott and the Greater Phoenix Area, our private wealth managers can answer any questions you may have about portfolio management and financial planning.

Bruce Hosler, Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor

Bruce Hosler

Founder & Principal
Wealth Manager

Jason Hosler Headshot

Jason Hosler

Wealth Manager

Alex Koury, Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor

Alex Koury

Wealth Manager

Hosler Wealth Management Team

Sara Lanoue Headshot

Sara Lanoue

Client Services Manager

Laura Hosler Headshot

Laura Hosler

Executive Director

Bobby Epperson Headshot

Bobby Epperson

Tax Professional

Zed Leppanen Headshot

Zed Leppanen


Chad Hosler

Chad Hosler

Director of Communications

Reggie Alilonu Headshot

Reggie Alilonu

Tax Professional

Doc Crandell Headshot

Caradoc (Doc) Crandall

Tax Professional

Hosler Wealth Management is proud to be comprised of highly-qualified financial advisors in Scottsdale and Prescott. Our Arizona based team is able to properly advise you on even the most complex subjects of tax preparation, estate planning and more.

CFN Advanced Planning Team

Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a leading Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer, gives us access to a team of advanced planning specialists who can help us provide you the best possible service.

Commonwealth financial network
Justin Duft Headshot

Justin Duft


Heather Zack Headshot

Heather Zack

Team Lead

Martin Baker Headshot

Martin Baker

Advanced Planning Consultant

Michael Baum Headshot

Mike Baum

Advanced Planning Consultant

Maureen Baxter Haadshot

Maureen Baxter

Advanced Planning Consultant

Kevin Ducomb Headshot

Kevin Ducomb

Advanced Planning Consultant

David Haughton Headshot

David Haughton

Advanced Planning Consultant

Anna Hays Headshot

Anna Hays

Advanced Planning Consultant

Aric Jacobson Headshot

Aric Jacobson

Advanced Planning Consultant

Krista Teegarden Headshot

Krista Teegarden

Advanced Planning Consultant

CFN Research Team

Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a leading Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer, provides us access to a team of investment research specialists who assist us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible service. Each of the professionals on this team brings a breadth of experience in the industry and within his or her own specialization.

Commonwealth financial network
Brad McMillan Headshot

Brad McMillan

Managing Principal & Chief Investment Officer

Brian Price Headshot

Brian Price

Senior Vice President, Investment Management & Research

Peter Essele Headshot

Peter Essele

Vice President, Investment Management & Research

Chad LaFauci Headshot

Chad LaFauci

Vice President, Alternative Investments

Jim McAllister Headshot

Jim McAllister

Director, Equity Research

Brian McCormick Headshot

Brian McCormick

Manager, Investment Management & Research

Fred DeBaets Headshot

Fred DeBaets

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management & Research

Chris Fasciano Headshot

Chris Fasciano

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management & Research

Andrew Kitchings Headshot

Andrew Kitchings

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management & Research

Anu Gaggar Headshot

Anu Gaggar

Senior Research Analyst, Equity

Robert Kane Headshot

Robert Kane

Senior Research Analyst, Alternatives

Nathan Parker Headshot

Nathan Parker

Senior Research Analyst, Real Assets

Chris Stuart Headshot

Chris Stuart

Senior Research Analyst, Equity

Sarah Hargreaves Headshot

Sarah Hargreaves

Analyst, Investment Management & Research

Sam Millette Headshot

Sam Millette

Senior Investment Research Analyst, Fixed Income

Thomas Ryan Headshot

Thomas Ryan

Research Analyst, Equity

Rob Swanke Headshot

Rob Swanke

Research Analyst, Fixed Income

Peter Roberto Headshot

Peter Roberto

Research Analyst, Equity

Bray Sara

Sara Bray

Research Associate, Investment Management and Research

Jack Gohr

Jack Gohr

Research Associate

Gigliotti Aaron

Aaron Gigliotti

Research Associate, Investment Management and Research

Tom Scarlata Headshot

Tom Scarlata

Research Associate, Investment Management & Research

Cleare Justin

Justin Cleare

Research Analyst, Real Assets

Richardson Wayne

Wayen Richardson

Research Analyst, Equity