Bruce Hosler’s interview about the “Secure Act” as seen on Sonoran Living ABC15.


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Bruce Hosler, Founder and Principal of Hosler Wealth Management LLC., shares with viewers how the “Secure Act” has done away with the “Stretch IRA.” The “Secure Act” killed the ability of IRA beneficiaries to take required minimum distributions over their remaining life expectancy period. Bruce speaks to us regarding the five special exceptions to the new “10-year rule” of the “Secure Act” and the importance of strategic beneficiary planning.

By downloading your free copy of Bruce Hosler’s whitepaper, “The Secure Act demands new beneficiary planning for your IRA and Roth IRA!“, you will learn more about how this new law could drastically affect the beneficiaries of your estate financial future and the steps you will need to take to reach a more positive outcome.


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