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#23 | Leaving an Inheritance to Your Kids

Show NotesTranscriptView All Episodes Deciding what to leave to your children - and how to do it - is a challenging topic to bring up. But it's crucially important to take care of this now while you are still able. Some parents want to spend down their life savings and enjoy their retirement. Others pinch every penny so they can
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Explaining the Benefits of Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Breaking Down the Benefits of Asset-Based Long-Term Care There’s a *70% chance that married couples over age 65 will have one of the spouses requiring long-term care. In-home, hospice, nursing home, and other related long-term care are costly and can quickly drain a family’s wealth. At Hosler Wealth Management, we work with our clients to use the proper tools and

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#12 | Asset-Based Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Show NotesTranscriptView All Episodes Asset-based long-term care insurance is something Bruce Hosler and the team at Hosler Wealth Management work on frequently for our clients. Traditional long-term care will require you to pay a premium until you go on claim, and rates can often change. However, asset-based long-term care premiums are paid with assets; therefore, they can't raise the premium
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#1 | What Does Tax-Free Mean?

Show NotesTranscriptView All Episodes In our first episode, Bruce Hosler of Hosler Wealth Management sits down with co-host Jon Gay to explain the term "tax-free."  What does it really mean? When you're looking at retirement income, you don't want that income to be taxed at the federal or state level.  Furthermore, you don't want it to count as provisional income
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Trailer | The Protecting And Preserving Wealth Podcast

Show NotesTranscriptView All Episodes Hosler Wealth Management consists of tax accountants, financial planners, and investment advisors. The benefit to our clients is it's all together combined in one office. We started the podcast because a number of clients have questions, and this is a way for us to give them a venue to listen to different answers on all the
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