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The Stretch Roth IRA is no longer the ideal wealth transfer vehicle

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#45 | Protecting & Preserving Wealth Explained

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes In this episode of "Protecting and Preserving Wealth,"  Jason Hosler and I discuss the firm's commitment to protecting their clients' financial futures. I begin by underlining the company's longstanding dedication to protecting and maintaining money during global volatility, something many overlook. Delving into my new book, "Moving to Tax-Free," I underscore the practicality of tax
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#44 | BONUS – David McKnight on The Power Of Zero in 2024

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes Bruce Hosler welcomes a special guest for today's episode. We discuss the critical state of the U.S. national debt and its implications for future tax rates with David McKnight, author of "The Power of Zero." McKnight highlights the dramatic increase in national debt from $5 trillion in 1999 to an expected $54 trillion by 2033.
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#43 | MOVING TO TAX-FREE™ Bruce’s New Book

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes In this episode of "Protecting and Preserving Wealth," we delve into the significance of moving financial assets to tax-free vehicles, a topic I have extensively explored in my new book, “MOVING TO TAX-FREE™.” Alongside Jason Hosler and host Jon Jag Gay, we discuss the critical nature of planning for a tax-free retirement, emphasizing the importance
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#39 | 2024 Election Year Market Outlook

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes Today we have a comprehensive discussion with Bruce Hosler and Alex Koury of Hosler Wealth Management about the market outlook for 2024. We're now into a Presidential election year, and Alex addresses the common concern about the impact of presidential elections on market performance. Historically, the market has averaged an 11.6% return during election years,
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#38 | 2024 Interest Rate Outlook

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes Today, Bruce and Jason Hosler delve into the financial landscape of 2024, focusing on the pivotal role of interest rates, the ongoing impact of inflation, and the potential influence of the presidential election on the economy. The Federal Reserve had significant influence on the financial events of 2023, particularly through historic rate increases and a
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#34 | Use the Buckets of Money strategy for retirement income

Show NotesTranscriptView All Episodes In this episode of the "Protecting and Preserving Wealth" podcast, host Bruce Hosler and Jon Gay dive deep into the Buckets of Money strategy for retirement income. Amidst a backdrop of stock market volatility, geopolitical tensions, and inflation, Bruce presents the Buckets of Money strategy as a safeguard against Sequence of Return Risk—a serious risk retirees
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Explaining 5 Major Benefits of the Roth 401(k)

  Building a Tax-Free Future: 5 Major Benefits of the Roth 401(k) Most people are familiar with the traditional 401(k) retirement account.  It has become the de facto retirement-saving vehicle for millions of Americans.  At Hosler Wealth Management, we’re big fans of the traditional 401(k)’s tax-free cousin, the Roth 401(k). Like the better-known Roth IRA, the Roth 401(k) is a

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#31 | Switching Social Security Benefits

Show NotesGuest ProfileTranscriptView All Episodes Today, Jon Gay, Bruce Hosler, and Jason Hosler from Hosler Wealth Management discuss various aspects of Social Security benefits and switching strategies. They start by explaining the concept of switching benefits, which allows individuals to switch to a new benefit when they become entitled, especially if it is higher than their current benefit. They emphasize that
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What Are Qualified Charitable Distributions?

  Breaking Down the Benefits of Qualified Charitable Distributions Charitable giving is a popular tax-saving tactic we explore when evaluating ways to limit our clients’ tax liabilities in retirement. One of our favorite tax-saving tools related to charitable giving is the qualified charitable distribution.   What is a Qualified Charitable Distribution? A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is an IRA distribution

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