Building Your Tax-Free Retirement
A Foundational Approach to Wealth Management & Financial Planning in Arizona

A well-established wealth management firm in Arizona, since 1997, Hosler Wealth Management’s experienced teams in Scottsdale and Prescott provide highly personalized tax reduction strategies and advice with the goal of guiding you toward a tax-free retirement and achieving your financial goals.

Our signature Foundational Financial Plan™ helps set you on the right path to a comprehensive seven-part plan that incorporates every aspect of your financial picture, protects your assets and creates tax-free retirement income.

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Let’s Talk Tax-Free Retirement

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What to Expect with Your Foundational Financial Plan

Create Tax-Free Retirement Income with Hosler Wealth Management

Working with your customized Foundational Financial Plan, our financial professionals in Scottsdale and Prescott utilize a wide range of tax reduction strategies and investment vehicles to create income that lasts the rest of your life:

  • LIRP Investments
  • Roth Conversions
  • Asset-Based Long-Term Care Plans

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